7 Must-Watch Palestinian Films

Understanding what is happening in Gaza today may not be too complicated. After decades of Israeli invasion, the last bastion of the Palestinian people is disappearing before our eyes. Since October 7, 2023, Israeli forces have killed nearly 25,000 people, and approximately two million Gazans have been internally displaced. As the tragedy continues and amid […]

15 Latinx Sundance Titles to Watch For

Don’t let anyone tell you Latinx people don’t make films. We do – and every year there’s a bevy of movies starring, directed, and centering people at Sundance. Do we then get invited to the right meetings and receive big Hollywood deals that put our stories in front of audiences around the world? If you […]

2024 Latina Shows to Watch

New year, new series! We’re excited for all the 2024 Latina shows scheduled for the coming months. As usual, TV networks and streaming services are gearing up with a huge collection of premieres and renewed series. Fortunately, there is an increasing variety of content created by, starring, and directed by Latinos. So check out my […]

In ‘Maestro,’ Mulligan Shares A Lot with Her Character (But Not Her Latinidad)

“You know, she was utterly fearless,” says Carey Mulligan when speaking of Felicia Montealegre Bernstein. Mulligan knows this better than most, having spent much of the last five years with Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, the woman married to American composer, Leonard Bernstein. The world knows of Leonard Bernstein and his broad and considerable contributions to composing, […]

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