Jewish Latines Deserve Representation, Too

Like many Latines out there, I grew up watching telenovelas with my mom and my grandma. I loved the rags-to-riches romances. You know the type – the kind of stories that made me believe that one day I, too, would find the person who would wait for me as I walked down the aisle, dressed […]ÍN-RAMÍREZ-1024x533.png

Q+A with Yasmín Ramírez, Author of “¡Ándale, Prieta!”

In her recently released “¡Ándale, Prieta!,” Mexican-American author Yasmín Ramírez shares a moving ode to her childhood in El Paso, Texas, growing up a “prieta.” This debut memoir is a love letter to Yasmín’s family, her grandmother, and to women everywhere who have felt silenced, pained, or alone.

It’s Complicated: Latinx Stereotypes and the Stars Who Play Them

Latinxs have long had a difficult relationship with Hollywood. We are constantly fighting to get representation on the silver screen, despite being 62.1 million strong in the U.S. When we are in films, our roles often perpetuate long-held Latinx stereotypes, such as women only being maids, men only being criminals, and everyone not knowing how […]

Bad Bunny as ‘El Muerto’ Is Not The Hero We Deserve

He’s a villain, not a hero, I know.  There’s a lot I could say about casting Puerto Rican Bad Bunny as a Mexican character, especially one so out of pocket as to be nearly non-existent in the Marvel comics. But the most important thing for me, as a Chicano, is how his casting in this […]