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Nominating Josh Andrés Rivera as our 2024 Latinx Internet Boyfriend

Now that our collective obsession with our most recent Internet Boyfriend, Pedro Pascal, seems to be dying down a bit (I’ll love you forever, Pedrito) maybe it’s time we shift our focus over to a newer, fresher face. A New Year is the perfect time to fangirl (and, okay, slightly obsess) over a new Latinx […]

‘With Love’ Season Two Is A Refreshing Take on Latinx Love (and Sex!)

Whenever I think of the phrase “happily ever after” the first image that comes to mind is Cinderella and her Prince Charming waving from the back of a horse-drawn carriage (understandable since we’ve been conditioned by movies and fairytales to believe that’s what a happy ending looks like); I rarely think about people who don’t […]

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