Stats and Resources

by Mujeres Problemáticas
Stats and Resources

Latinas are the least represented group in media when compared to our actual population. When we are depicted, we are too often stereotyped as criminals, servants, or both. That allows folks who aren’t in community with us to ignore, fear, and hate us.

It’s time Latinas and femme Latinxs have a say in deciding how we’re represented. We should be telling, starring in, and reviewing our own stories!

Statistics and Studies

There are actual numbers to back us up, thanks to leading researchers Dr. Ana-Christina Ramón, Dr. Stacy L. Smith, and Dr. Martha Lauzen. Check them out:

For more, visit the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and the Center for the Study of Women in Film and Television.


This problem is big. Latinas and femme Latinxs are dramatically underrepresented in all the decision-making positions in Hollywood and our numbers have not budged there even as our share of the population (and economy!) grow. BUT. We are a persistent, hard-working people and we’re not going to let the shit stand. In fact, we’re organizing at all levels across the industry to make sure our stories get told. Here’s an (incomplete) list of some of the amazing groups on the ground:

Encouraging Our Role as Cultural Gatekeepers (aka Journalists)

Latinas in Journalism Mentorship Program
LEJA – Latino Entertainment Journalist Association
NAHJ – National Association of Hispanic Journalists 

Getting More Latinx Storytellers Hired

Hollywood Latinx Writers
LA Collab Latinas in Media
LatinX Directors
Latinx in Animation
Latinx Screenwriters
Latinx Writers
NALIP – National Association of Latino Independent Producers
The Untitled Latinx Project
WOC Unite

Uplifting Our Voices

Imagen Awards
LALIFF – Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
Latino Media Fest
Latino Reel
Official Latino Film and Arts Festival

Organizing Our Community 

Latinx House
LIMA Coalition
NHMC – National Hispanic Media Coalition
We All Grow