About Nosotras

by Mujeres Problemáticas
About Nosotras

Founding Manifesto

It’s tough out here for a bruja. Everyday, we see amazing Latinas who are killing it at work, at home, at school, and in our communities, but that’s where it stops. We KNOW them, but we don’t SEE them. In politics, in the news, in films, and in books, our stories rarely get told and when they do, they often rely on played out stereotypes. It’s time we see ourselves as we want and deserve to be seen.
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We at latinamedia.co are getting serious. Well, we’ve always been serious brujas but now that we’re coming up on our two year anniversary, it’s time to step it up.

We want to grow latinamedia.co to be more than a blog – we want it to be a cause, a movement. And to do that, we need to register for a 501c3 (filing is NOT free), commission Latina writers (let’s pay them what they’re worth), and grow our readership through PAID advertising (word of mouth is cool and all but have you heard of money?!?!?!).

So we’ve started a Patreon – a way for folks to subscribe and support. We’re determined to create change in the media and culture we consume every day and we’d love your help to make it happen. We’re talking $5 a month here. So por favor, subscribe!


Meet the Mujeres Problemáticas

Nicola and Cristina have a weird amount of things in common. They attended the same small liberal arts colleges, they’re both mixed-race Latina, their Dads have the same birthday, they founded Mujeres Problemáticas together. BUT they are not actually the same person and have been seen in the same place, at the same time on multiple occasions.

Nicola and Cristina

Cristina Escobar

A rehabilitated English major, Cristina now runs her own consulting firm at the intersection of intersectional feminism and marketing, choosing only the best projects and spending the rest of her time writing and hanging out with her family. Cristina came up in domestic violence prevention and then transitioned to working on women in politics and media. As such, she is proud to have stewarded the great expansion of the #AskHerMore campaign, challenging red carpet reporters to ask the women of Hollywood about more than their dresses. Cristina likes talking so she’s pretty thrilled to have presented at the Women’s March Women’s Convention and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, not to mention having her words appear on NPR, CNN, Refinery29, Anderson Cooper Live, Mic, the Associated Press, etc. Finally, her abuelita made the best tamales this world has ever seen. The end.

Nicola Schulze

A Bay-Area native, Nicola is currently the engine behind communications at The Representation Project, a nonprofit using film and media as catalysts for cultural transformation. With a background in tech, Nicola has integrated a data-driven approach with her passion for intersectional, gender-equality work, advancing campaigns, such as #RepresentHer, #AskMoreOfHim, and #AskHerMore, that have not only reached millions of people but inspired them to take action. She has lead projects for a variety of organizations from Verizon Wireless to The Government of Puerto Rico to Stanford University. When she’s not finding someone else to rant to about gender equity. Nicola enjoys dogs, food, traveling, and pie. Nicola would also like to add that her abuelita made the best tamales this word has ever seen.


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