The New Latina Stereotype

Hypercompetent and strong, the new Latina stereotype may be positive but it’s still damaging. We deserve to see more of ourselves on screen.

Calling All Ye Race Traitors: Let’s Talk Interracial Relationships

When I was little, it seemed like my path of love was clear as a Latina woman: meet a Hispanic Catholic guy, date him for about two years (but stay a virgin, of course), then marry and have a lot of kids. The problem with the supposed “straight and narrow” path happens when you venture away from it.

A Love Letter to Justina Machado

Justina Machado is one of those actors who you’ll watch whatever they’re in because they’re in it. This is our love letter to her, a Latina queen in a time when it’s pretty hard to even get on TV.

What to Watch Instead of Election Coverage

We have no idea what’s going to happen. We don’t know who’s going to win the election, when we’ll know the results, or how Trump and his cronies will respond to any of it. We do know that sitting in front of the TV, watching mostly white male pundits flap their jaws in the face of all […]

Our Top 10 Shows of 2019

Our criteria? How much we liked it (duh), its overall quality (based on our scientific quality meter), and how smart it was when it came to matters of gender, race, sexuality, etc.

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