‘Frog and Toad’ is the Ultimate Queer Comfort Show

The Frog and Toad book series written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel was one of the major reasons that I fell in love with reading. As a child, I speedily advanced through small-print chapter books like Percy Jackson and The Chronicles of Narnia. But in the end, I always came back to these books for […]

Q+A With Raquel Reichard, Author of ‘Self-Care For Latinas’

Raquel Reichard is many things. She’s an award-winning journalist and editor who focuses on Latinidad, reproductive justice, and wellness. She’s the Deputy Director for Refinery29’s Latine vertical Somos. She’s a great friend and mentor with a kind heart. She’s a Cancer, and now she’s a published author. Raquel’s debut book Self-Care For Latinas: 100+ Ways […]

Britney Spears Memoir is a Balm for Those in Need of Healing

Britney Spears has been a superstar since her breakthrough hit Baby One More Time in 1998. This year, she rehashed her journey from then to now in her book The Woman in Me. It’s a conversational, approachable, and honest tell-all about her childhood, teen years, family dynamics, and the years she lost due to her […]

Q+A With Angie Cruz, Author of “How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water”

Dominican-American novelist Angie Cruz received widespread acclaim for her novel Dominicana. Her newest and fourth novel How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water follows Cara Romero as she loses her factory job during the Great Recession and returns back into the job market. Over twelve sessions, she tells the story of her life […]

The Timeless Feminist Discourse of “Pride and Prejudice”

Ah, Pride and Prejudice, the timeless tale of love, societal norms, and the struggle for independence, wrapped in corsets and tea parties. Jane Austen—the mastermind behind this social critique disguised as a romantic narrative—certainly had a knack for dissecting the complexities of her era’s expectations, especially for women. Picture this: a society where marriage is […]

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