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Queen of the South 505: ‘More Money More Problems’

On Queen of the South 505 “More Money More Problems, Teresa faces the age-old concern of drug dealers everywhere: how to launder all that cash! Combined with a B-plot in Miami (thanks to Boaz and King George), this episode sees our favorite cartel leaders globetrotting and stealing a Van Gogh (of all things). One of […]

‘Queen of the South’ 504: La situación

Queen of the South 5×04 “La Situacion” once again focuses on Teresa’s “code” and whether the changes in her – and the way she does business – are for the better. Is there any way for Teresa to find middle ground between what she wants to be and what she needs to do? We’ve only got six more episodes to find out.

‘Queen of the South’ 501: Fantasmas

Queen of the South is one of the only Latina-helmed shows currently on TV. We’re talking lead by a Latina actress in Alice Braga, playing a Latina character in Teresa Mendoza whose written/stewarded by a Latina in showrunner, Dailyn Rodriguez. So of course, Queen of the South is ending. The fifth and final season premieres today […]

On ‘The Expanse,’ Failed Mothers Make Excellent Heroes

Technically, the main character of The Expanse is James Holden, the reluctant galaxy savior played with lots of furrowed brows by Steven Straight. But I can’t imagine watching the show because of him and I can’t be the only one. Thankfully, The Expanses’s fifth season focuses on where its strength really lies — in its women of color characters, […]

Bridgerton’s Sexual Politics: We Haven’t Come as Far As We Think

I introduced my partner to the term “bodice ripper” last week. Oddly, as a straight male, he’d never heard it but the rise of Bridgerton (before the whole, attempted coup thing) finally gave him a reason to learn it. While the latest Shondaland juggernaut is based on an extremely popular romance novel series, many men […]

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