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“Somewhere We Are Human” Illuminates the Undocumented Experience

“Somewhere We Are Human” is a new anthology created by currently or formerly undocumented people. Curated by Reyna Grande and Sonia Guiñansaca, the entries range from visual art to personal essays (with poetry, arguably, in between), with authors, artists, and curators hail from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Inherently this book shapes an understanding of immigration usually left out of US textbooks.

Queen of the South 509: ‘A prueba de balsas’

A LOT happened in Queen of the South 509: “A prueba de balsas,” which is exactly as it should be in a second-to-last episode in a series! Major spoilers ahead so let’s just say here that we cannot wait to watch the ‘Queen of the South’ finale…

Queen of the South 508: ‘Todo lo que toco’

Queen of the South 508 “Todo Lo Que Toco” sees a return to the Teresa that was all heart, without truly losing what made her the Queen of the South. With two episodes to go, this sets up an interesting showdown between the crime boss she was becoming and the woman she could be if she chooses to walk away. What will Teresa end up choosing and how will the people around her react to those choices?

Queen of the South 507: ‘El zorro en la gallinera’

Queen of the South 507 “El zorro en la gallinera” had our hearts racing. It was nonstop action, suspense, and heartbreak. Queen of the South has officially entered its final windup and well, let’s just there was literal hellfire. One of the only Latina-helmed shows currently on TV, Queen of the South is in its […]