‘With Love’ Season Two Is A Refreshing Take on Latinx Love (and Sex!)

Whenever I think of the phrase “happily ever after” the first image that comes to mind is Cinderella and her Prince Charming waving from the back of a horse-drawn carriage (understandable since we’ve been conditioned by movies and fairytales to believe that’s what a happy ending looks like); I rarely think about people who don’t […]

Banning Library Books, Sex, and Queer People: A Tale as Old as Time

There I was, just scrolling through Facebook, when I discovered my hometown library, a sanctuary of my youth, at the center of a book-banning controversy. According to the Victoria Advocate, one group of parents did not appreciate sexual situations and queer portrayals in the city’s public library books.

Bridgerton’s Sexual Politics: We Haven’t Come as Far As We Think

I introduced my partner to the term “bodice ripper” last week. Oddly, as a straight male, he’d never heard it but the rise of Bridgerton (before the whole, attempted coup thing) finally gave him a reason to learn it. While the latest Shondaland juggernaut is based on an extremely popular romance novel series, many men […]