Marvel’s Lastest Projects Remind Us of the Importance of Community

As a comic book fan, I’ve noticed many superheroes are often depicted as loners with shameful secrets. Once their cover is blown, these heroes become larger-than-life, gods, and eventually targets. Even with the help of their sidekicks, superheroes carry a weight on their shoulders as they navigate their worlds with a secret identity. But the […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Deserves More Buzz

If you haven’t heard of Marvel’s latest limited series, Ms. Marvel, it’s not your fault. Swept under the radar, this hidden Disney+ gem has captured the hearts of many BIPOC households. It’s one of the Marvelverse’s many efforts to bring in more diverse characters but I am frustrated it hasn’t gotten the marketing it deserves!

Bad Bunny as ‘El Muerto’ Is Not The Hero We Deserve

He’s a villain, not a hero, I know.  There’s a lot I could say about casting Puerto Rican Bad Bunny as a Mexican character, especially one so out of pocket as to be nearly non-existent in the Marvel comics. But the most important thing for me, as a Chicano, is how his casting in this […]

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