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“The Color Purple” Sparkles with Love, Life, and Strife

Vibrant, moving, and epitomizing the struggles and hardships in life with the ability to shine brightly regardless, The Color Purple sparkles. The cast delivers top-tier performances, the direction and cinematography sing, and every scene matters. Besides the acting, the music is playlist-worthy with its mind-blowing songs that make me recall the dance numbers accompanying each […]

5 Fantasia 2023 Films Promising Horrific Delights

Fantasia Film Festival 2023 starts tomorrow and film lovers, especially horror film aficionados, are in for a treat. This year’s program is vast and does not disappoint, which makes it so hard to narrow down to favorites. But whether you enjoy vengeance flicks, anthologies, minimalist horror a la The Witch, or in-your-face gore and laughs, […]