5 Latinx Movies to Look For at Tribeca 2024

2024 Tribeca

The 2024 Tribeca Festival is on the way, running from June 5-16, with an impressive and diverse lineup of films to woo any moviegoer. With such an eclectic collection, it’s hard to know what to look out for, but we’ve got you covered on the Latinx front. Depicting it all from family to friends to strangers to dogs, this year’s crop of films looks to connect with audiences of different levels. Let’s look at some of the enticing flicks to look forward to at the 2024 Tribeca Festival:

In the Summers

A still from In The Summers by Alessandra Lacorazza, an official selection of the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

The poignant narrative, In the Summers, takes center stage in Tribeca Festival’s Spotlight Narrative section. Directed and written by Alessandra Lacorazza Samudio, the film follows two sisters, Violet (Lío Mehiel) and Eva (Sasha Calle), as they struggle to come to terms with their complex relationship with their father (played by Rene Perez Joglar aka Residente). Told through looks at their childhood visits with their troubled father in Las Cruces, Mexico, the debut film offers a touching and bittersweet look at family.

Don’t You Let Me Go

Don't You Let Me Go

Entering the International Narrative Competition are writer-directors Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge with Don’t You Let Me Go, a heartfelt, magical movie about friendship. The world premiere centers around Adela (Chiara Hourcade) struggling to be present at her best friend Elena’s (Victoria Jorge) wake. When she leaves, in lieu of her car, she finds a magical bus that transports her back to a special weekend in her childhood – riding bikes, dancing, and reading with Elena. As a film, it focuses on the joys of friendship between women and how the little things have the most impact. It looks to be a beautiful tearjerker.



In the Tribeca Festival’s Midnight section awaits Beacon, directed by Roxy Shih and written by Julio Rojas. As horrors go, this is mayhem by the seaside as young, adventurous sailor Emily (Julia Goldani Telles) shipwrecks on a remote island off the coast of South America. There, she encounters one lone man, a lightkeeper named Ismael (Demián Bichir). As odd occurrences pile up and stormy weather zaps communications, the strangers’ distrust builds. So, expect to leave questioning who to trust.

The Dog Thief

The Dog Thief

Another world premiere in the International Narrative Competition is The Dog Thief. It focuses on a shoeshine boy, Martin (Franklin Aro), struggling to survive on the streets of La Paz, Bolivia. While he does have a room thanks to his late mother’s friend, he has little else and few options. However, Marin does have a plan. His client, Mr. Novoa (Alfredo Castro), has a German shepherd named Astor. So, Martin nabs the pooch to get a reward, but an unlikely bond grows between Martin and the solitary tailor. As a film looking at unanticipated bonds, The Dog Thief sounds like a tense story with sweet moments.

Swimming Home

2024 Tribeca Film "Swimming Home"

Sometimes, all it takes is a stranger to bring the chinks in relationship armor to the forefront. Swimming Home looks at just that phenomenon. Directed by Justin Anderson and based on a book by Deborah Levy, it follows couple Isabel (Mackenzie Davis) and Joe (Christopher Abbott) as they arrive at their villa to enjoy their holiday. Unfortunately, things start up almost immediately when they discover a naked woman, Kitti (Ariane Labed), swimming in their pool. When Isabel asks Kitti to stay, things turn as Kitti’s candor opens up unaddressed issues in Isabel and Joe’s relationship. As another film making its North American premiere in the 2024 Tribeca Festival’s International Narrative Competition representing Brazil, Greece, the Netherlands, and the UK, Swimming Home is giving The Circle level drama.

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