They Shouldn’t Have Canceled Dolores Roach, our Latina Antihero

We need to talk about something serious. Something that hits right to the corazon. They went and canceled Dolores Roach on Amazon Prime Video. Cue novela-style dramatic gasp. ¡No puede ser! I’m here to channel our collective frustration and lament the fact that once again, a Latiné gem got tossed aside after just one season. […]

‘Queen of the South’ 501: Fantasmas

Queen of the South is one of the only Latina-helmed shows currently on TV. We’re talking lead by a Latina actress in Alice Braga, playing a Latina character in Teresa Mendoza whose written/stewarded by a Latina in showrunner, Dailyn Rodriguez. So of course, Queen of the South is ending. The fifth and final season premieres today […]

A Love Letter to Justina Machado

Justina Machado is one of those actors who you’ll watch whatever they’re in because they’re in it. This is our love letter to her, a Latina queen in a time when it’s pretty hard to even get on TV.