“At the Gates” Makes White Supremacy the Villain

White supremacy is scary as fuck. It’s the evil idealogy powered by the colonial world order, creating a hierarchy of humans as if light skin can equate to worth rather than simply the absence of melanin. It makes no sense scientifically or even as a coherent ideology but it’s the archaic system we’re all living […]

“Somewhere We Are Human” Illuminates the Undocumented Experience

“Somewhere We Are Human” is a new anthology created by currently or formerly undocumented people. Curated by Reyna Grande and Sonia Guiñansaca, the entries range from visual art to personal essays (with poetry, arguably, in between), with authors, artists, and curators hail from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Inherently this book shapes an understanding of immigration usually left out of US textbooks.

‘No One Gets Out Alive:’ Facing the Horror of Family

I consider la familia one of the most important and confusing parts of being a Latina, so I appreciated the 2021 Latinx movie ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ for navigating this complicated territory inside the classic horror genre. But in the journey of killing off the mother and fighting the pressures of being a good Latina daughter, the movie ends up reinforcing established power dynamics that leaves the Latina with no escape, just death.

#TheLatinaPress: Issue 3

#TheLatinaPress is a monthly newsletter, dishing up the top stories, trends, and media conversations by and for Latinas. In Issue 3, we get into ‘In the Heights,’ Pride, immigration, and so much more!