They Shouldn’t Have Canceled Dolores Roach, our Latina Antihero

We need to talk about something serious. Something that hits right to the corazon. They went and canceled Dolores Roach on Amazon Prime Video. Cue novela-style dramatic gasp. ¡No puede ser! I’m here to channel our collective frustration and lament the fact that once again, a Latiné gem got tossed aside after just one season. […]

#TheLatinaPress: Issue 17

Top stories written by Latinas delivered to you each month in partnership with #WeAllGrow Latina GORDITA IS OUT, BUT FRANCO IS IN? Given how much is at stake for this nation’s culture, the mostly white men who helm these enormous media companies must engage Latinos with greater urgency and determination. Jean Guerrero . GORDITA. BATGIRL. […]

5 One-Season Latinx Shows That Deserved More

There are lots of problems keeping Latinx from getting the recognition in Hollywood that we deserve. Getting our authentic stories on screen is hard, but sometimes it seems like keeping them there is impossible – I’m looking at you The Gordita Chronicles, Vida, Gentefied, etc… How are we supposed to build a talent and artistic […]

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