Latine Voices for Peace: Coverage of the Israel-Hamas War

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The loss of human life in Israel and Gaza is tragic. Full stop. And as two wrongs don’t make a right, Latina journalists and activists stand against the continued violence against Palestinians and call for a ceasefire. This war has sparked intense dialogue and activism, and it’s essential that the people behind the reporting reflect our communities. We know the majority of newsrooms are dominated by white men, that’s why we’re highlighting the Latine writers and journalists who are helping to make a difference.

How We Talk About the Israel-Hamas War

Vox Politics Reporter Nicole Narea critically examines the language and narratives surrounding the conflict, emphasizing the need for a nuanced and comprehensive approach to address its complexities. “During a war, political actors, human rights groups, and the media can use unfamiliar terminology without adequately explaining it — or even using it correctly. That’s especially true of the Israel-Hamas war and the broader historical context behind it.” Read more.

Jewish Activists, Palestinians, and Allies Fight against Palestinian Genocide from Abroad

Prism reporter Alexandra Martinez highlights the global solidarity and efforts to address the humanitarian crisis of this conflict, showcasing the importance of international activism. “The bombings in Gaza have evoked strong reactions from people across the globe. Many Jews of color in particular have spoken out in support of Palestinian liberation. Some have drawn comparisons between the treatment of Palestinians and the experiences of people of color across the U.S.” Read more.

Indya Moore Was One of Hundreds Arrested at an NYC Rally for an Israeli Ceasefire

James Factora underscores the role of public figures in advocating for peace and a ceasefire, emphasizing the impact of well-known personalities in the peace movement. “According to the Associated Press, the Gaza Health Ministry has reported that 8,000 Palestinians have died in the conflict since October 7, most of whom are women and children. Nearly 20,000 have been injured, according to the United Nations.” Read more.

Latino Jews Grieve, Worry as Attack in Israel Puts Close Family Ties in Focus

Suzanne Gamboa for NBCNews delves into the personal and emotional connections individuals have to the war, illustrating the interconnectedness of diverse communities. “The current state of war has put into focus the Latino Jewish diaspora and the interconnected nature of families, friends and cross-cultural ties among the U.S., Latin America and Israel.” Read more.

The Shadow of Palestine in Puerto Rico

Shellyne Rodriguez & Ruth Noelia Figueroa Couvertier examine how the Israel-Hamas conflict resonates with the Puerto Rican community, highlighting the global implications of the conflict for The Latinx Project. “For Puerto Ricans, Palestine is intimately understood through the lens of the Puerto Rican struggle. The shadow of Palestine looms over Puerto Rico.” Read more.

When Peace Is the Only Option: How These Fierce Women Are Making a Difference in Israel and Gaza

Susanne Ramírez De Arellano explores the inspiring stories of women who are actively working towards peace in the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict. “They are mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers. Together, they form two groups — the Israeli Women Wage Peace and the Palestinian Women of the Sun. They are women who transcended narratives of grief and war to play an essential role in the fight for a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.” Read more.

These multifaceted journalists and their reporting showcase the importance of addressing the Israel-Hamas conflict and having Latinas in the newsroom. Each article provides its own comprehensive view emphasizing the diverse perspectives, approaches, and activism within the Latina journalist covering the Israel-Hamas War.

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