Imelda Is Not Alone

One of the most powerful moments of Imelda is Not Alone, a documentary short directed by award-winning Salvadoran filmmaker Paula Heredia, is seeing a young rape victim handcuffed to her hospital bed accused of attempted murder after accidentally giving birth in a toilet to a child she didn’t know she was carrying.  The scene introduces […]

5 Italians Playing Latinxs in Film

Obviously part of acting is portraying foreign identities but it’s easier to play familiar ones. So, it makes sense to hire Latinx actors to play Latinx roles, right? Those actors have the advantage of being familiar with the life experiences, verbiage, accents, and other nuances of the culture embedded into who they are, making the […]

5 Must-Read Latinx Short Stories

Short stories are somehow gatekept in the literary world and overlooked by the masses. Novels remain overwhelmingly the most popular way to consume prose—but I don’t see why it has to stay that way. Short stories give us everything that makes novels great—compelling characters, realistic dialogue, and vivid imagery—but in a tidier format. The most […]