After Five Seasons, “What We Do In The Shadows” Is Still Comedy Gold

After Five Seasons, What We Do In The Shadows Is Still Comedy Gold - Season Five Review

These might be my favorite vamps of all time and after five seasons, I’m still having to pause the episode from the one-liners that get me cackling every time. FX’s What We Do In The Shadows is comedy gold and this season gave our vampires the opportunity to reinvent themselves amidst the chaos that makes this season one of the best ones yet.

[Spoliers ahead!]

Guillermo Gets His Wish… Well, Sort Of

Harvey Guillén as Guillermo in What We Do in the Shadows

In season four, Guillermo slayed. In season five of What We Do In The Shadows, we get to experience the most Guillermo-vampiric transition ever. I was so worried Guillermo was gonna go full Twilight Bella and be unrecognizable after his transition from familiar to vampire. Thankfully, we get the classic Guillermo experience and his obstacles were so satisfying. I had my suspicions as to why the transformation was half-baked and the ultimate reveal was worth it. I loved how everyone protected Guillermo’s secret (even Nadja).

There were a lot of firsts this season for Guillermo (played by Harvey Guillén). From being on a float for his first pride parade to his first successful bat flight, the reinvention of his character still honors his roots. He even got closer to Laslo (played by Matt Berry) as he helps Guillermo work through the kinks of his delayed eternal life with typical Laslo scientific experiments that create things no one could have imagined.

You Can Still Call Laslo Daddy This Season

Raising Colin Robinson (played by Mark Proksch) last season was a setup for Laslo’s need to be a father figure. He’s the first one to catch on to Guillermo’s secret and immediately protects him. This season, Laslo’s new obsession is science, not sex. While he still vocalizes his threesome preferences between episodes, his love for academia really takes center stage this season. I loved seeing the blend of caretaker with mad scientist and Matt Berry always does a fantastic job bringing Laslo to life.

Nadja Finds Home in Staten Island

Nadja in What We Do in the Shadows

Nadja (played by Natasia Demetriou) is more vulnerable in this season of What We Do In The Shadows, and it’s because she has found her people in a small area of Staten Island that is a hub for immigrants from Antipaxos––a tiny Greek island in the Mediterranean she once fled thousands of years ago. She’s also trying to get rid of a hex and gets bamboozled by a witch who loves Dunkin’ Donuts.

It is so refreshing to see her protect Guillermo from getting killed at the familiar emergency clinic and celebrate her heritage at her favorite local diner. Her narcissistic tendencies continue to lead her into the worst situations but ultimately, her loyalty is what makes her…well, Nadja. She will forever be, hands down, one of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time.

Colin Robinson Tries New Energy-Draining Techniques

Colin Robinson in What We Do In The Shadows

I thought we had truly seen it all when it came to energy vampires but this season proves me wrong. I couldn’t decide if campaigning for comptroller Colin Robinson or cool teacher Colin Robinson was my favorite energy-draining vampire but it’s giving range and I’m here for it. Mark Proksch does it again…and again. The campaign speeches were so real, they definitely make me think about all the energy vampires that are still out there today. We even get to meet the energy vampiric council this season, which was the most energy-draining scene I have ever witnessed.

Even The Guide Gets More Screen Time This Season

The Guide in What We Do in the Shadows

The Guide (played by Kristen Schaal) finally stands up for herself and episode nine gives us a full who-dun-it (fake) mystery party. She’s the new member of the house now but no one notices. It’s almost as if she’s the new Guillermo and Guillermo has now been promoted in the house hierarchy even though no one will ever admit it. The Guide feels left out and just wants to be seen by her vampire housemates. Same girl, same. I’m curious to see how her dynamic will continue to work and how her character will evolve in season six of What We Do In The Shadows.

Nandor Forgives But Never Forgets (Relentlessly)

Nandor (played by Kayvan Novak) is so relentlessly daft but the tease really makes Guillermo sweat this season. As Guillermo’s master, Nandor should be the only one who is able to turn his familiar into a vampire, but after thirteen years of empty promises, Guillermo takes his life into his own hands. After nine episodes, and everyone knowing except Nandor the truth of Guillermo’s secret, things get interesting as Nandor transforms into the killer warrior he always brands himself to be.

Thankfully, Nandor’s daftness gets the best of him and there’s room for forgiveness. After all this time, we find out why Nandor waited so long to turn Guillermo into a vampire – he really did know his heart all along. I was not expecting the ending but I love these two so much more now.

The Episodes This Season Were Top Tier

The chaos of season five is what makes it so good. It can be risky to push the envelope and throw these characters into tricky situations that weave the A story with the B in more ways than one but somehow it works. The chaos alone in episode five needs an Emmy immediately.

The cackles that spew out of me when I watch this show are truly special. I have many different laughs but my What We Do In the Shadows laughs are truly vampiric. I can tell the writers’ room was full of what ifs this season and that’s what made it one of the best ones yet. Without them, this show would be nothing. And I hope season six happens and the writers get all the money now that the strike is over.

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