TheLatinaPress Nº31: Adios y Abrazos

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For 31 monthly issues, #TheLatinaPress has spotlighted Latine stories and storytellers, showing the nuance and color of our Latinidad. Alongside #WeAllGrow Latina, LatinaMedia.Co has had the honor to showcase these stories by and for Latinas, and we couldn’t be more proud of this collaborative monthly series we started in 2021. While we are sad to bid farewell to #TheLatinaPress, we welcome you to dive into the stories of our final issue and follow #WeAllGrow Latina to continue honoring the stories of Latinas, by Latinas.



Though we’re a country of immigrants, and to this day, one that can’t survive without them, regardless of status, political parties can’t seem to agree on the matter.

Alexis Hodoyán-Gastélum

In newsrooms worldwide, talented Latina writers bring us powerful stories that resonate with the heartbeat of our community. Latina journalists continue to reclaim space across publications, writing thought-provoking articles like “A Day in the Life of a Teenage Asylum Seeker,” providing crucial insights into the experiences of young asylum seekers. This month, Alexis Hodoyán-Gastélum interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris in “We Spoke With Vice President Kamala Harris – & No Topic Was Left Behind,” holding our Vice President accountable to the Latine issues and our community at large. For mitú, Karla Montalvan shed a light on the devastation seen across communities along the coast of Mexico in her piece “Community Rallies to Support Hurricane Otis Survivors in Mexico.” These Latina voices in the newsroom continue to inspire, inform, and uplift our community through their dedicated work.


While the American version of the tale characterizes La Llorona as an evil hag, Bustamante’s version frames her murdering her children as a response to the violence of colonialism, choosing death for her kids in lieu of suffering a lifetime at the hands of Spanish colonizers.

Nicole Froio

Spooky season has concluded, but let’s not forget that not everyone gets to see their unique experiences in scary movies and TV. “Latines Love Horror, But We Rarely See Ourselves In Spooky Movies & TV” sheds light on this ghostly gap, urging for more diverse representation in horror. Thankfully, there’s hope on the horizon! Picture this: an ofrenda workshop breathing new life into Día de Muertos, infusing it with creativity and cultural richness. And if you’re looking to sink your teeth into some horror flicks, “10 Latine Horror Recommendations For Halloween” offers a treasure trove of terrifying tales from a different perspective. So, let’s remember to always celebrate spooky season with a touch of inclusivity, aligning with the mission of promoting racial, economic, and gender justice in California and beyond!


Over two years ago, we asked ourselves the obvious question: We need to hear from more Latinas, right? Whether it was politics, beauty tips, or show recommendations, #TheLatinaPress has proven there is a big difference between what “mainstream” outlets say and what we’re talking about with our amigas, tias, y primas. And more importantly, our perspectives matter!

Together, #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co teamed up to bring you this newsletter – once a month to dish up #TheLatinaPress, the top stories, trends, and media conversations by and for Latinas. Over the past thirty months, we have lifted up Latina publications and journalists – especially the ones without the giant advertising budgets who once we found felt like home. We are proud of that work, and thank you for going on that journey with us.

Now, it’s your turn to keep the momentum going – continue to follow the Latina journalists we spotlighted here and find and share the work of more. That way, even though this newsletter is ending, the mission of #TheLatinaPress will continue. ¡Pa’lante, mija!


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