#TheLatinaPress: Issue 8

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A partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co


Let’s be real, everyone is trying to get at your holiday dollars right now. But we have a solution: some of our favs have put together conscientious gift guides to get us through the craziness that is the consumerist season, values intact. So join us in shopping small and local while supporting Latina-run businesses. Esoteric Esa gave us a Holiday Gift Guide for the favorite spiritual Latinas in your life for HipLatina. Natalie Arroyo Camacho has 15 Latinx-Owned Wellness and Lifestyle Brands to Shop ASAP. And Irene Franco Rubio at mitú has a list of 11 Holiday Gifts You’ll Love if You’re Obsessed With Books.

“Latinx-owned businesses account for approximately 4 percent of the U.S.’s business revenues—although you wouldn’t know this from the media’s representation of Latinx people.”

Natalie Arroyo Camacho


Disney’s latest film Encanto is out and reached number one at the box office! And surprise, people have thoughts about the magical Colombian musical. Cristina Escobar wrote for Romper about her experience taking her daughter to see Encanto as her first movie in theaters. As a Colombian, Aiko Hilkinger reminds us that we can enjoy Encanto while calling out the ways it missed the mark (hint: look behind the camera). Family is definitely at the center of this film and Josie Meléndez Hernández believes that’s what audiences will love about Encanto the most.

I do feel like that part of the enjoyment of finally getting to celebrate my country and all its beauty was lost because of it.

Aiko Hilkinger


We know we’re funny, but rarely are Latina comedians given the recognition or shine that we deserve. That’s why we’re lifting up pieces this month that highlight some of the funniest in our community. Sandra E. Garcia wrote a beautiful profile for the New York Times on Aida Rodriguez and how she wants us to laugh through the pain.

Danielle Perez was listed as a comedian to watch for in 2021, noting  she is “one of the most unique in the L.A. comedy scene.” And we know Halloween is over, but Aubrey Plaza, one of our favs, dressed up as a witch and recently took over the Today Show to promote her latest book, “A Christmas Witch.”

When I got pregnant, it was difficult because I was saving up for an iPad at the time …

Danielle Perez


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