#TheLatinaPress: Issue 6

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A partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co


The terrible treatment of immigrants along the border is never news to us. However, the images of Haitians being physically accosted by border patrol on horses remind us of the racism behind how too many perceive immigrants.

Latino Rebels Radio had guest Danyeli Rodriguez of the UndocuBlack Network on to delve into some of what is missing and why it is so important to not ignore. Blue Telusma wrote about why immigration is a Black issue and the importance of raising awareness in Haiti and all those in the diaspora. Reporter Silvia Foster-Frau wrote about the charges of racism as Haitian Americans and allies are uniting to protest migrants’ treatment for the Washington Post.


It’s our month! Well at least from September 15 to October 15 it is, and let’s just say it’s complicated. Most of us don’t even agree on what to call it but the time is here and Vanessa Romo from NPR did a great piece on what this month means, the origin, the complexity behind it, and what it means today.

J.A.O wrote about why they view “Latinx” as a betrayal, an attack, and that’s exactly why they use it. While Natalia Guzmán discussed the ever-illusive nature of naming our community for LuzCollective.


Sadly, but not unexpectedly, it was another disappointing year at the Emmys. We had big dreams this year, especially for Mj Rodriguez who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Drama.

Even though the Emmys talked a big game with record numbers of people of color nominated, all of the acting awards went to white people. Lyra Hale shared our disappointment and wrote about why nominations are not enough anymore for Remezcla. Ariana Romero did an amazing profile on the iconic and historic Mj Rodriguez, her new name, and a powerful mission. And just in case you need a little history lesson, V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi wrote a recap of Latinas who’ve actually won awards in the past.


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