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A partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co

Latinas Take Coachella

There is nothing we love more than watching Latinas step into their power. And that is exactly what Colombian singer Karol G did on the main stage at Coachella.

Karol G celebrates Latinas at Coachella

In an homage to all those who have come before her, Karol G referenced the legendary Selena, Ricky Martin, Celia Cruz, Daddy Yankee, Shakira, Luis Fonsi, and even J Balvin during her Coachella performance. 

As Thania Garcia describes for Variety, “Saluting those who paved the way for Latin artists in mainstream pop, a visual popped up on the massive screens offering a musical timeline of influential hit songs.” Camila Barbeito wrote for mitú, “Coachella 2022 put Latinidad on full display and we love to see it.” As Jeanette Hernandez described for Remezcla,  “Karol G was given only 50 minutes at Coachella to do her show and she decided to dedicate every second on stage to the Latin community, and especially to her beloved home country Colombia. We made the right person famous.

These are the colors of my flag. I am from Colombia. And tonight I feel so happy and so proud to represent my country and my Latina community around the world.

Karol G

Earth Day

It was Earth Day this month, and we’re proud of all the Latinas working to make this earth a better place. Gabriela Barzallo interviewed Helena Gualinga, who is working to preserve the land and teachings of her ancestral homeland in the Ecuadorian Amazon. “I understood my duty [was] to defend my territory as my ancestors have done.” There are also many Latinas using their entrepreneurial power to help protect the planet. Nicole Young made a list of 6 Latinx-owned sustainable brands that you should know. Have you ever heard of Afro-Colombiana Francia Marquez? Don’t worry if you haven’t – V. Alexandra De F. Szoenyi made a list of 5 Indigenous and Latina environmental activists to celebrate on Earth Day (and beyond!).

I understood my duty [was] to defend my territory as my ancestors have done.

Helena Gualinga

Latinas in History

There is no question that Latinas have made history and continue to make history. From space to journalism to politics, it’s clear we Latinas are making our mark. This month, Sonia Ramirez wrote a piece celebrating Ellen Ochoa as the First Latina in Space & NASA Trailblazer. Ochoa shared this message, “to young Latinos dreaming of following in her footsteps: ‘We need you. We need your brains and your hard work and your dedication.’” 

Ellen Ochoa makes history for Latinas in space

There are also activists working now to create real change, like Elsa Marie Collins who organizes around immigration reform. In an interview with Shayne Rodriguez Thompson, Collins said, “The truth is, they’re women and children, and they’re escaping really horrible circumstances, and it’s letting people hear that for themselves, and then being able to talk about it with their network.” Jordan Villegas wrote about Chicana feminist activist Jeanne Córdova who devoted her life to advocating for lesbians and women of color in the United States. Not only was she a key organizer of the first national lesbian publication, The Lesbian Tide, but also the first convention of the National Lesbian Feminist Organization in 1978.

We need you. We need your brains and your hard work and your dedication.

Ellen Ochoa

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A partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co

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