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TheLatinaPress: Summer film

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The stakes are high because we want more Latine representation in the genres we love, but it does seem unfair to put this responsibility on the shoulders of a cast and crew that had a limited budget in comparison to more mainstream superhero productions.

Nicole Froio

As the strikes continue to permeate Hollywood, movies are still hitting theaters, including the latest DC installment Blue Beetle. Nicole Froio points out this is the first superhero film to be written, directed, and starred by Latines, writing, “Yet, when a marginalized community gets a chance like Blue Beetle, expectations are so high for a single story to succeed in the box office.” For the LA Times, Alex Zaragoza reviewed summer film Blue Beetle, highlighting the importance and theme of how family is the greatest superpower. Lastly, for Latino Rebels, Cristina Escobar reviewed Blue Beetle, reminding us there is more behind the film than just Latino representation. The film celebrates and spotlights all the ways Latino families show up for each member.


My mental health journey has been very painful, very hard, but at the same time quite enlightening. My music is therapy.

Danna Paola

As August comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to celebrate Latin artists who are making waves this summer. Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour has taken center stage, and backing Queen B herself is the incredible Crystal Rovél Torres, a Latina trumpeter who has been performing even while pregnant. Suzy Exposito featured artist Omar Apollo, who recently released a tearjerker of a new video for his song “Ice Slippin.” Meanwhile, Danna Paola‘s journey is a testament to breaking through stigmas and finding her authentic voice, a narrative that underscores the power of self-expression and challenging societal norms.


For so many years, I lived a very painful reflection of who I was, and I was stepping into the joy of that and that childlike wonder of just starting to live for the first time. I was living my destiny for the first time through the discovery of the book, which was in turn what made me ready to direct the movie.

Aitch Alberto

This summer, we also got an exciting array of LGBTQ movies and TV shows that are fun, flirty, and inclusive. Mey Rude reviewed Bottoms, a raunchy sex comedy that brings a fresh take to a “queer high school movie, and a platform for some of the funniest and most talented actors in Hollywood right now.” Meanwhile, Red, White & Royal Blue offers a sweet and sexy escape, blending romance with political intrigue, making it a perfect summer film distraction. Looking ahead to the fall, James Factora highlighted two thrilling series featuring murderous gay couples on Max, promising suspense and intrigue within the LGBTQ narrative landscape. And as we all love a great coming-of-age story, Trans Latina director Aitch Alberto shared with Time how her directorial debut Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, allowed her to fulfill her destiny and her own self-discovery through the story of two Mexican American teen boys who forge a life-changing bond in late-’80s Texas.


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Top stories written by Latinas delivered to you each month in partnership with #WeAllGrow Latina

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