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America Ferrera: Hot Labor Summer

Things like this have rarely, if ever, happened in my career, where you just get a phone call from some fabulous director who says, ‘I have a part and I want you to play it.’ That kind of thing doesn’t often happen for Latinas in this industry. There are so few roles created for us, and it’s not in $100-million movies that are about cultural icons.

America Ferrera

A pink marketing tsunami has taken our world hostage as Barbie devours our new cycles and streams alongside the nuclear origin story Oppenheimer. Both films have created a capitalist fantasy of content, box office numbers, and controversy. America Ferrera’s powerful portrayal of mom Gloria pushes and transforms Barbie’s universe, as her monologue almost single-handedly transforms Barbie’s plastic origins into a symbol of feminism. Read Yvonne Villarreal’s interview with America Fererra and why Gloria meant so much to her. Almost as iconic as America’s speech was the sound of Hari Nef’s character yelling “FLAT FEET!” Read Mey’s interview with the actress about her role in Barbie, and its empowering message for trans women. And then there was Oppenheimer – a film being seen through a lot of different lenses. While the film largely portrays Oppenheimer’s test site as remote, it wasn’t. Instead, that history has been written out and ignored, removing the story of the Hispanos and Native American communities that bore the brunt of the experiment.


It’s the first real labor battle about AI. As such, it can have broad, long-lasting effects on what work looks like, who still gets paid, and — in the case of TV and movies — what stories get told.

Cristina Escobar

The ongoing labor strike in Hollywood has become a pivotal moment for Latine members of the writers’ (WGA) and actors’ (SAG-AFTRA) unions this hot labor summer. With this action, the unions are surfacing the crucial issues faced by the Latine community, such as equitable representation, fair wages, and inclusive storytelling. In conversation for LatinaMedia.Co, co-founders Nicola Schulze and Cristina Escobar guide you through what the strike means for Latinx representation in media and why audience members should support the unions. For Mary Sue, Teresa Jusino encourages all of us to support the strike and shares how we can all help those creating the entertainment we love. As the studios continue to refuse to pay their workers fairly, it’s up to the collective determination of WGA and SAG-AFTRA members to bring about lasting change for the next generation of creatives, writers, actors, and storytellers. 


Hot Labor Summer: Latinas of the USWNT

I want players of color to look at me and to know that if they work hard, you too can become a role model.

Alyssa Thompson

The U.S. Women’s World Cup team is brimming with new talent and a new class of players, including three remarkable Latinas looking to make history on soccer’s largest stage, Alyssa Thompson, Sofia Huerta, and Ashley Sanchez. Alyssa Thompson, a dedicated soccer player with an unwavering passion for the game, is proudly donning the U.S. crest while keeping her zPeruvian heritage close to her heart. Her mother’s heartfelt voicemail echoes the immense pride and support the entire Latinx community feels as they watch her excel on the field. Alongside her, powerhouses Sofia Huerta and Ashley Sanchez are on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the World Cup. These inspiring Latinas represent the strength, skill, and cultural richness that powers the U.S. Women’s World Cup team and the world of soccer as a whole. As they step onto the field, they embody the spirit of unity and diversity, inspiring soccer fans with their awe-inspiring performances.


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