TheLatinaPress Nº25: Latinechella

Becky G at Latinechela 2023

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It would be great for people to know about the real Coachella… They should go into our city, eat the amazing food, walk through our little parks, go through our little old town and get the best pan from the panadería that’s been there for over a decade.

Isabel, 27 year-old from Coachella
Farmworkers in Coachella (the town, not the musical festival)

The Coachella is shaking things up this year as Latine artists take center stage. As Bad Bunny headlines the festival, many locals are feeling the divide between the glamorous festival and the struggling communities surrounding it. But let’s not forget, Bad Bunny is just one of the many Latinx artists heating up the stage this year. From the hypnotic beats of regional Mexican music to the infectious rhythms of Colombian cumbia, the Latine artists at Coachella are making waves and changing the game. And with the best Latine albums of 2023 already making a significant impact on popular culture, it’s no wonder everyone is tuning in. As the festival takes off, let’s hope Goldenvoice will show some accountability and put some of its funding into the surrounding communities. In the meantime, let’s dance to the beat of the artists making this year’s event over Latinechella!


So what happens when those boundaries get pushed? And when a word that started out playful and funny overshadows an actor’s talent and personality, as outlets and interviewers hyperfocus on weaponizing his sexual appeal so they can go viral and in the process reinforce harmful stereotypes about Latin men?

Aiko Hilkinger
Pedro Pascal, Pedro Pascaling

If you haven’t heard of Pedro Pascal, at this point it’s safe to say you’ve been hiding under a rock. Our favorite Chilean-American actor has taken over, seemingly unable to do anything wrong or be anything less than charming. However, some feel this love affair has gone a bit far. Aiko Hilkinger wrote about the history behind the Latin Lover stereotype and the links to the current Pascal obsession, Recently, the trailer for Almodóvar’s latest film, a queer western called Madres Paralelas, dropped, and Pedro Pascal’s performance is already generating buzz. James Factora wrote about Pascal’s latest role as a predictably handsome and dangerous cowboy and their hopes for the role. What’s in store for Pascal next? Astrologist Esoteric Esa believes Pedro’s success was written in the stars all along, as she breaks down his birth chart. With his good looks, talent, and celestial destiny, Pedro Pascal is well on his way to becoming a household name.


This is about Black and brown and queer and Asian people experiencing love and luxury and beauty and all of the things that are worth living for, like love and celebration of that, and centering these stories on love, and also simply existing.

Gloria Calderón Kellett
Still for "With Love"

There is always SO much, really too much, to watch. And this year is no exception, that’s why we’re hightlighting three projects we’re looking forward to. Ariana DeBose’s voice shines in the first trailer for Disney’s Wish, giving us a sneak peek at a new musical adventure featuring a strong Latina lead. We are huge fans of anything from Gloria Calderón Kellett. And the first look at the second season of With Love, a queer Latine show, promises to continue exploring important themes of identity and family. Finally, Leguizamo Does America is a new show on MSNBC now hosted by John Leguizamo. He is taking on complex and timely issues facing Latine communities across the United States. These projects are a testament to the growing recognition and representation of Latine voices and stories in entertainment media.


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