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I am Black on my own terms. I am Latina on my own terms. I am American on my own terms.I am taking up space in ways I have never seen, so I can be who my ancestors have never been.

Aila Castane Jalloh

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and honor the contributions of Black people. It is also our responsibility to shed light on the colorism and racism that exist within communities of color, especially within the Latino community. These articles highlight the intersection of Black and Latine identities and the challenges faced by those who occupy this space. Marjua Estevez talked with ‘7 Black Artists Defying Latin America’s Cultural Whitewashing,’ who are pushing back against the erasure of Blackness in Latin American cultural production. Next, Dr. Angel Jones’ essay ‘On Feeling Both Black Enough and Puerto Rican Enough,’ delves into the complex feeling of not fully belonging in the Black or Latinx communities. Finally, Aila Castane Jalloh explores her journey to define her identity in a way that feels authentic to her in ‘How I’m Defining My Blackness & Latinidad on My Own Terms.’ Together, these articles shed light on the complexity and nuance of navigating multiple identities in a world that often seeks to simplify people’s lived realities.


We feel complicated about award shows in general. But there is no doubt that Latina creators and artists continue proving that we are here to stay, whether they give us an award or not. These articles cover our favorite parts of the award season so far. Drop what you’re doing if you have yet to see Jenna Ortega and Aubrey Plaza’s bit at Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Yamily Habib writes about how the dynamic duo that stole the show, giving the stoic, deadpan Latina energy we need. Award shows are also about fashion, and we are obsessed with Ariana DeBose’s striking, Barbie-pink suit. Check out the complete outfit breakdown courtesy of Chanel Vargas. We also love when we win. This year, the Dominican film Bantú Mama won at the NAACP Image Awards for its story of the island’s largely Afro-Indigenous population, including its struggles, autonomous expression, and diasporic links. Together, these writers remind us what awards season is about – celebrating those who have created and crafted work that pushes representation forward.


Mija, love can do everything.

Lilia Munoz, 92
Valentines Collage

Who doesn’t love, love? Whether it’s the wisdom passed down by our abuelas to the romantic comedies that make us swoon, there are many reasons and ways to celebrate amor. For Refinery29, Daisy Maldonado interviewed ten abuelas about love and relationships, giving us some sweet reminders of the importance of communication, trust, and respect. Faith Vazquez recommended ’10 Latinx Rom-Coms To Watch For Valentine’s Day,’ offering a delightful escape with love stories and laughter. And what is Valentine’s Day without a bit of self-care? So Chelsea Avila wrote ‘Treat Yourself With These 10 Gifts For Valentine’s Day‘ with some great ideas to indulge in self-love and care that you can do year round! Whether you spent the day with a significant other, friends, or family, Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to celebrate the love and relationships that bring you joy and happiness. Remember to practice acts of love regularly.


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Top stories written by Latinas delivered to you each month in partnership with #WeAllGrow Latina

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