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I hope more people are conscious of the disability community and incorporate our specific functions or needs when designing a collection or brand. We enjoy fashion as well.

Jillian Mercado | Model, actor, and activist

Looking for inspiration? These Latinas are creating change and making moves.

While some set New Year’s resolutions, we’re starting the New Year off with stories of inspirational Latinas who are creating change and making moves. Model, actor, and activist Jillian Mercado was profiled by Mekita Rivas for POPSUGAR’S Juntos for her work at the intersection of disability justice and fashion. Nopalera CEO Sandra Velasquez highlighted seven ways she is redefining success and moving away from “the grind” mentality. And finally, meet this cool crew of Bolivian Cholitas who are using skateboarding to challenge cultural norms, particularly around sexism.


Stop scrolling. Here are some Latinx shows and movies to start off the new year!

We’ve all been there, scrolling through hundreds of shows and movies, yet it seems like there is nothing to watch. Here are some lists from our favorite Latina critics of shows to watch from 2022 and what to look forward to in 2023. Cristina Escobar gave 2022 a B+ in terms of Latinx representation on TV. But that didn’t stop her from highlighting her favorites from the past year to add to your queue. Laura Zornosa did all our 2023 homework for us, highlighting 47 shows to look out for this year, including The Last of Us, a new show with Pedro Pascal. Missing On My Block? Get ready for Freeridge, a spinoff coming later this year.  


We can’t forget that Judge Salas was not just targeted for being a judge. She was targeted for being a woman on the bench, and specifically one of only two Latina judges in the district court of New Jersey… Judge Salas and her family were victims of a horrific hate crime.

Senator Bob Menendez

While Latine history is normally left out of our history books, here are some stories that grabbed our attention.

There is no question that Latinas have made history and continue to make history. As a nod to the past, Natalie Arroyo Camacho wrote a piece celebrating a group of Chicana cheerleaders who led the charge for Civil Rights in Texas in the 1960s. 

There are also Latinas working now to create real change, like Judge Esther Salas who passed a new privacy law after the tragic murder of her son. It prohibits the selling, trading, transferring, or purchasing of federal judges’ personal information online, including their addresses and contact information. 

Recently, the VA Medical Center in San Diego decided to rename itself to honor a Latina for the first time. Its new name is the Jennifer Moreno Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, after Moreno, who, unfortunately, lost her life during combat operations in Afghanistan.


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Top stories written by Latinas delivered to you each month in partnership with #WeAllGrow Latina

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