#TheLatinaPress: Issue 1

#TheLatinaPress, A Partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co

A partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co

We need to hear from more Latinas, right?

Whether it’s politics, beauty tips, or show recommendations, there’s a big difference between what “mainstream” outlets say and what we’re talking about with our amigas, tías, y primas. 
The thing is – our perspectives matter! But if you just watched the news on TV, read the name-brand papers, or relied on Rotten Tomatoes, you’d hardly know that we even exist.
Once a month we’re dishing up #TheLatinaPress, the top stories, trends, and media conversations by and for Latinas. We’re lifting up Latina publications and journalists – not the big ones (you already know about Telemundo, right?) but the ones without the giant advertising budgets, the ones that once you find them, feel like home.

Let’s get started!


April brought us the return of Queen of the South, one of the only Latina helmed shows on TV. We loved to see Latina journalists like EW’s Rosy Cordero and Indiewire’s Kristen Lopez interviews with Brazilian star Alice Braga and Cuban-American showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez. And for the play-by-play from a Latina perspective, Fangirlish’s EIC Lissete Launza Saénz teamed up with LatinaMedia.Co’s co-founder Cristina Escobar for weekly episode recaps.

This month also blessed us with the release of Bad Bunny’s tickets, which caused a firestorm on the Latinx internet and are now going for an average of $2,400. Plus, as Yolanda Machado reports, the meme response to his crop top was both thirsty as hell and objectively hilarious.


TW: Police, Shooting, Hate Crimes

Meanwhile, Andrea Reindl details how the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo traumatized the Chicago Latinx community. We hated seeing the news of hate crimes against the Asian American community, even before it spilled over and sent a 70-year-old Mexican-American woman to the hospital as reported by HipLatina’s Virginia Isaad. This month, Fort Hood honored murdered soldier Vanessa Guillen with a gate and plaque while singer-songwriter Karina Daza remembered her in the music video for ‘Mujeres Will Riot.’ We’re grateful that Vanessa Guillen will not be forgotten. But justice would be having all of them still alive today.

While this month we saw the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer, former cop Derek Chauvin, we also didn’t miss the news that one of the police who raided Breonna Taylor’s apartment got a book deal.


Latinas celebrated Earth Day, April 22, like only we know how.

After all, “Sustainability is at the heart of many Latinx households: your mom shouting apaga la luz whenever you walk out of a room, your family repurposing an empty butter tub to hold sofrito, or using leftover ingredients to make teas and DIY hair masks,” so writes Senior Editor of Refinery29’s SomosThathiana Diaz in her piece on sustainable Latinx brandsJhoni Jackson teased us by rounding up the “nalga-exposing” slow fashion companies we need to know. And at BeLatinaAdriana V. Lopez reminded us of how indigenous communities have been protecting the Earth.


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A partnership between #WeAllGrow Latina and LatinaMedia.Co

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