It’s Complicated: Latinx Stereotypes and the Stars Who Play Them

Latinxs have long had a difficult relationship with Hollywood. We are constantly fighting to get representation on the silver screen, despite being 62.1 million strong in the U.S. When we are in films, our roles often perpetuate long-held Latinx stereotypes, such as women only being maids, men only being criminals, and everyone not knowing how […]

#TheLatinaPress: Issue 12

In this issue of #TheLatinaPress, we celebrate Ariana DeBose’s historic Oscar win, look back on Women’s History Month, and recommend Refinery29’s new series, ‘Cuerpo.’

36 Years Since a Woman Has Won For Directing

It’s the first week of 2020, and as a new year begins, so does award season. As many of us are gathering our hopes and dreams for 2020, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association reminded us what we already know: we have our work cut out for us. As has been widely reported, no women were […]

2019 Belongs to Jennifer Lopez

With just days left of 2019, I’ve started reflecting on the past year. And to be frank, it’s been a tough one. From the racist that continues to run this country, to the beginning of the 2020 Democratic Race, to the less serious decision to make Cats into a film (something no one asked for, […]

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