#TheLatinaPress: Issue 3

#TheLatinaPress is a monthly newsletter, dishing up the top stories, trends, and media conversations by and for Latinas. In Issue 3, we get into ‘In the Heights,’ Pride, immigration, and so much more!

‘Pose’ Shines Where ‘In the Heights’ Fell Short

Last week, I put on my mask and walked shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people into AT&T park to watch In the Heights. The film was billed as the second coming, a first-of-its-kind Latinx Hollywood utopia, but I had my doubts. As Felice León from The Root asked, “In sum: Where are all of […]

Higher Education & Survivor’s Guilt: Or No, You’re Not A Selfish POS

‘In The Heights’ recently hit theaters and HBO Max, and I found it to be pure joy. For one, it perfectly encapsulates the feelings of being pulled in two directions and finding where you belong. For all of you preparing for your first year of college, current students, and alumni, Nina’s story can be incredibly relatable.

60 Million Latinas on ‘In The Heights’

The Latinx community has COME OUT for ‘In the Heights’ as it hits theaters. And ‘In the Heights’ appears to be the one thing Latinas agree on – here are a dozen (a literal DOZEN) reviews from Latinas below and they all love it!

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