Q+A with Yasmín Ramírez, Author of “¡Ándale, Prieta!”

In her recently released “¡Ándale, Prieta!,” Mexican-American author Yasmín Ramírez shares a moving ode to her childhood in El Paso, Texas, growing up a “prieta.” This debut memoir is a love letter to Yasmín’s family, her grandmother, and to women everywhere who have felt silenced, pained, or alone.

Blackness and Latinidad, They Go Together

To overlook the African roots throughout Latin America is to tell a drastically incomplete story of our beautiful culture. I am a Haitian, Cuban, Italian Afro-Latina, but that is not always something I felt comfortable fully embracing. To explore why, I recently convened other Afro-Latinx femmes to talk about Black identity within the Afro-Latinx community […]

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