“The Long Game” Celebrates A History More of Us Should Know

When Humberto G. Garcia attended San Felipe High School in Del Rio, Texas, he didn’t learn about the Miracle Five–the Mexican-American golf team who won the state championship in 1957. It wasn’t until he was at a local golf tournament in 2008 that he learned about the teen champs, saying at a recent event, “In […]

‘Frog and Toad’ is the Ultimate Queer Comfort Show

The Frog and Toad book series written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel was one of the major reasons that I fell in love with reading. As a child, I speedily advanced through small-print chapter books like Percy Jackson and The Chronicles of Narnia. But in the end, I always came back to these books for […]

‘Society of the Snow’ and the Power of Friendship

Yes, Society of the Snow (La Sociedad de la Nieve) is an inspiring movie about survival against all odds and the power of the human spirit. But to be more specific, it’s a story about how in the darkest times, people find strength in each other. It isn’t a new theme. There are many narratives […]