UPDATE: “Netflix is a Joke” Features More Latinas

Netflix is a Joke - Update - Five More Latinas

Latinas are often tapped to portray only their saddest moments for public consumption. That’s why it’s so powerful when we turn to humor to subvert stereotypes and use our talent to provide joy even when discussing challenging topics. Which is what Melissa Villaseñor and Vanessa Gonzalez are sure to do at the Netflix is a Joke festival this weekend.

Though it’s been in the works for months, the festival only recently announced a slew of exciting residencies, shows, and lineups featuring multiple BIPOC — including more Latinas than the two they started with. Check them out:

Milly Tamarez

Milly Tamarez is a Brooklyn-based comedian, actress, writer, and podcast host. She’s filmed hilarious sketches over the years that got the attention of Vulture, HelloGiggles, and The Daily Dot. You can hear some of her opinions on her podcast Go Touch Grass (which she co-hosts with Alise Morales) and episodes of the Betches Sup Podcast, which now goes by American Fever Dream. Her writing credits include WWE Smackdown! and ABC’s The Dating Game. As a co-founder of the Diverse as Fuck Festival and Flexx, she’s also helped create space for other comedians of color. Tamarez is on the Gente Funny lineup, hosted by Angelo Colina at The Hollywood Improv on May 4, 2024, at 4 pm. The show is completely in Spanish.

Rebeca Trejo

Rebeca Trejo

Rebeca Trejo is a Venezuelan comedian raised in Puerto Rico, aka a “Venerriqueña” as she calls it on her Instagram. She’s now based in Denver, CO and is also part of the Gente Funny’s lineup. Before becoming a comedian, she was an award-winning journalist in Louisiana. With her playful disposition and experiences from so many different places, we’re sure her set will be full of fun, intelligent observations.

Glorelys Mora

If you need quick inspiration to pursue something you’re interested in, Glorelys Mora recently shared an Instagram reel where she posted her comedy journey and everything she’s accomplished since she started in 2018, including doing a bunch of open mics and shows, she began her own production company, founded GloryFest (now an important comedy festival), opened for some Latinx faves including Ralph Barbosa and Aida Rodríguez, and co-hosted ‘Girl Let Me Tell You’ a podcast with Fierce by Mitú, and is of course, one of Rihanna’s doppelgangers. The list of her accomplishments is actually far longer than this, and is only growing. In fact, Mora is making five appearances at this year’s Netflix Is A Joke festival, one of which sold out early:

  • Introducing…, May 1st, The Vermont Hollywood, 7:30 pm (already sold out)
  • Introducing…, May 1st, The Vermont Hollywood, 9:00 pm
  • Natalie Friedman, May 4, 2024, The Hotel Café Second Stage, 10:00 pm
  • Nika King, May 4, 2023, The Lab at The Hollywood Improv, 11:45 pm
  • Orlando Leyba, May 11, 2023, The Lab at The Hollywood Improv, 7:30 pm

Marcella Arguello

Marcella Arguello taped her standup special Bitch, Grow Up! on Max last year and has stayed busy since then. Known for her stellar impressions of Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, Arguello’s observations are sure to make you both laugh and finally improve yourself. This year, she went to Alaska, opened for her longtime friend, Hasan Minhaj, and started her podcast Comedy Is Dead. Her only appearance at Netflix Is A Joke is already sold out, but you can keep up with her work on her Instagram.

Aida Rodríguez

Aida Rodríguez has two specials under her belt. She’s in an episode of Netflix’s Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready and her own Fighting Words on Max. She also directed Marcella Arguello’s Bitch, Grow Up! And there’s more. In the past year, she’s released her memoir, Legitimate Kid, and continued to tour across the US. She has spoken at conferences, given author masterclass lectures, and delivered much-needed words of motivation on reels such as this one. Aida Rodríguez will be on the lineup for Bipocalypse, May 5, 2024, The Miracle Theater, 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

Lorena Russi

Russi is a Colombian-American and Queens-raised comedian, actor, director, writer, and former soccer player. She’s been featured on Comedy Central and was one of the 12 Global Performers chosen for the 2023 CBS Performance Showcase. Some of her past credits include writing the digital division of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Pause with Sam Jay (where she also acted). Russi also wrote a pilot for a comedy called Nosotras, which was optioned by Sony Pictures Television in 2022. She appeared at The Elysian on May 6 as part of Netflix Is A Joke fest, but if you missed her, she gets to flex her performance skills at the following shows:

  • London Hughes: One Night In London With Friends, May 10, 2024, The Hotel Café, 7:00 pm.
  • Orlando Leyba, May 11, 2023, The Lab at The Hollywood Improv, 7:30 pm

Note: Festivals like this one sometimes reveal surprises or have drop-in guests and we’re hoping even more Latina comics pop up before it’s all said and done.

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