What Four Latina Critics Have to Say About “Mucho, Mucho Amor”

At latinamedia.co, we don’t care what white guys think. Not about movies, TV, or politics. It’s not that they never have good ideas, it’s just that we’re so tired of hearing their perspective, particularly on things that are not meant for them. So when a show is made for us – for Latinas, for women, for Latinx folks – we want to know what our community has to say about it, not the white guys who usually sound off. And we think you do too. That’s why we’ve launched this new series, “What Latina Critics Have to Say.” ¡Disfruta!


Mucho, Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado hit Netflix earlier this month and our timeline was full of the Latinx Liberace energy and nostalgia. The capes, the lack of gender conformity, the horoscopes, the amor. Here, we’ve collected our favorite takes and surprise – Latinas don’t agree, even on a legend.

Watch Walter Mercado Offer Mucho Mucho Amor in First Trailer for Netflix Documentary

Rosy Cordero premiered the film’s trailer over at EW, writing, “What the film does exceptionally well is humanizing a man who others admired as a magical being, or even a superhero. Being called a superhero is actually the perfect comparison for a person who enjoyed wearing fabulous capes as much as Mercado did. And Mucho Mucho Amor, well, it’s his origin story.” Read her full review.

Glam, Astrology, & Love: Inside Netflix’s Latinx Love Letter Mucho Mucho Amor

For Refinery29, Ariana Romero writes, “What makes Mucho Mucho Amor — and its leading man — so special, particularly to millennials. It celebrates the exuberant queer glamour of Mercado, his powerful connection to Latinidad, his DNA-level savvy for meme-ability, and his relentless love for other people (the way he says ‘my good friends’ will break your heart).” Read her full review.

Walter Mercado Was Not Just a Legend, He was a Con Man

For Fangirlish, Lissette Launza Sáenz brings the whole truth, writing “A part of me understands the documentary, the celebration, the idea that this larger-than-life figure, one that was always flamboyant, non-binary and transcendent, deserves a spotlight. It just worries me that, for a documentary who pretended to show us the rise and fall of a legend, they only focused on the mucho, mucho amor, and not the mucho, mucho dolor he caused so many people.” Read her full review.

Netflix’s Enchanting Walter Mercado Documentary Radiates with “Mucho Mucho Amor”

Over at the A.V. Club, Danette Chavez points out, “Mercado proved you could be idolized while still being othered, a fact that’s too often glossed over in stories of marginalized people who break down barriers. But that reality couldn’t dampen Mercado’s love–or lust, as he put it—for life, nor does it prevent Mucho Mucho Amor from radiating with it.” Read her full review.

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