Three Afrolatina Critics on ‘Malcolm & Marie’


There’s been A LOT of conversation about Malcolm & Marie. Debates about mac and cheese, the leads’ age differential, whether you need a film degree to appreciate it — you name it. While writer and director Sam Levinson is white, we’re going to let non-Black folks sit this one out. So what do Afrolatinas think? Well, the response is polarized as critics zero in on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the film.

The Utter Emotional Inauthenticity of Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie

For her part, Angelica Jade Bastién hates it. In Vulture, she writes, “Malcolm & Marie is a failure on nearly every level. [The visuals] set the stage for a film that isn’t just notably bad but tellingly so, indicative of a larger issue: what Hollywood believes ‘serious’ art and modern stardom should look like is frankly abysmal.” Read her full review.

Malcolm & Marie is an Anti-Critic Tirade Disguised as a Love Story

Adriana Gomez-Weston, writing for The Cinema Soloist, is “indifferent,” predicting the film “may not have much appeal outside of the cinephile community that it’s aiming for. For many, watching a couple argue for nearly two hours may not be the most appealing thing.” The other big problem? “Although Sam Levinson utilizes Black characters as the faces of his film, his voice oozes through every sliver of dialogue.” Read her full review.

Relationships are Hard: Malcolm & Marie

For Cup of SoulKathia Woods powerfully defends the film. On its discussion of criticism, she writes “Two Black people in the privacy of their home review how white media interprets their work is a typical conversation to have… A profession that makes it living simple by critiquing others can’t call foul when said artist pushes back.” On its mixed appeal, she declares, “Malcolm & Marie will not translate to everyone. If you have never been in a real adult relationship, you won’t recognize these people.” Ouch. Read her full review.LatinaMedia.Co

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