5 Fall Latinx Books to Have on Your Radar

Fall 2023 Latinx Books

It’s fall! That means spooky tales, chunky sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything (did you know that pumpkins are native to Mexico and Central America?!). One of the best things about autumn rolling around is all the fabulous new books that get released. Of course, we are especially stoked for the titles penned by talented Latinx authors.

We are grateful for the books on this sweater-weather-themed list, as well as the plethora of other fabulous Latinx books that have been published lately, for filling that literary void Latinxs have been feeling for years. Muchisimas gracias! To celebrate and give thanks, we are sharing five Latinx books that you have to pick up, pero ahora.

"Latin American Artists: From 1785 to Now" book cover (Latinx books list)

Latin American Artists: From 1785 to Now

Tired of seeing fabulous art books that center on European artists? Want a stunning coffee table book that will also educate you on important Latinx creatives? Then you need to pick up Phaidon’s impressive Latin American Artists: From 1785 to Now. The colorful tome, which dropped on October 4, features 308 artists and their work. It’s orgullo Latino in chic–and informational–packaging.

"Latinísimo: Home Recipes from the Twenty-One Countries of Latin America: A Cookbook" book cover (Latinx books list)

Latinísimo: Home Recipes from the Twenty-One Countries of Latin America: A Cookbook by Sandra A. Gutierrez

Food is something that is immensely important to Latinx culture, no matter what your country of origin is. It unites us, nourishes us, and is a way we show love. There is nothing more fun than not only indulging in the cuisine of your own home country but also chowing down on the various recipes of Latin America. Sandra A. Gutierrez’s Latinísimo: Home Recipes from the Twenty-One Countries of Latin America: A Cookbook teaches us how to make delicious dishes from 21 nations, including caldo de res,  tres leches cake, tostones, milanesas, and calabaza con mantequilla.

"Suddenly A Murder" book cover (Latinx books list)

Suddenly A Murder by Lauren Muñoz

Part of the allure of autumn is the spooky and mysterious vibes that come along with it – making it the perfect time to curl up with a cozy blanket and a heart-pumping read. Luckily, there is Suddenly A Murder by Lauren Muñoz. Released on September 5, the locked-room mystery centers on a 1920s-themed party at a glamorous locale that goes wrong in a deadly way.

"Warrior Girl" book cover (Latinx books list)

Warrior Girl by Carmen Tafolla

Another Latinx new-book release to add to your ever-growing TBR (to be read) list is Carmen Tafolla’s Warrior Girl. Once you get past the pretty, cheery cover, you’ll find a middle-grade novel-in-verse about Selena, a Chicana girl who doesn’t want to choose between embracing her Mexican and American identities (and shouldn’t have to!). She finds herself navigating school, the pandemic, and her father’s deportation, but luckily, her abuelita is there to give her strength. Will Selena live up to her last name of Guerrera? You’ll just have to read this fab book and find out.

"The Fall of Whit Rivera" book cover (Latinx books list)

The Fall of Whit Rivera by Crystal Maldonado

At this point, it would be weird not to see a Crystal Maldonado book on a list of Latinx books to read. She gave us the award-winning Fat Chance, Charlie Vega, No Filter and Other Lies, and now follows that up with her latest, entitled The Fall of Whit Rivera (how autumn-perfect is that cover?!). Published on October 10, this YA “snug and cozy autumn rom-com” introduces us to Wit and Zay, frenemy exes who are tasked with organizing the fall formal. We get the cuteness of a love story with the deeper issues Maldonado is known for tapping into in her work.

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