4 Latino Films to Celebrate International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day: Inseperables

July 30 is International Friendship Day and a great opportunity to recognize all our friends bring to us. A good idea to celebrate this occasion is to organize a movie night and watch stories that celebrate companionship and true camaraderie.

So check out my list of Latino feature films that highlight the value of friendship in all its possible dimensions. Here I share with you stories of unlikely friends, of friends who become lovers, and of strangers who find friendship in the least expected places.

All the titles I have chosen demonstrate the invaluable talent of the Latin American community in the fascinating world of film so go ahead and celebrate your friends with the following titles.

Compadres (2016)

I’m going to start my International Friendship Day list with the Mexican-American production Compadres. The plot follows Diego Garza (Omar Chaparro), a lieutenant in the Mexican police force accused of criminal conspiracies. After the murder of his best friend and the kidnapping of his pregnant girlfriend, the cop-turned-fugitive does his best to imprison Santos (Erick Elias), the fearsome capo who turned his life upside down.

Determined to find justice, Garza joins forces with a gringo, teenage hacker named Vic Johnson (Joey Morgan). Compadres focuses on the unlikely relationship that develops between Garza and Vic, a discordant duo who must learn to work together to hunt down Santos and take down his deadly organization for good.

Between amusing entanglements and dangerous mishaps, these mismatched partners become more than friends, they become Compadres, making this the perfect film for celebrating good friends!

Hands of Stone (2016)

Hands of Stone is based on true events, offering a fairly authentic view of friendship bonds over time.

Filmed in Panama and New York, Venezuelan director Jonathan Jakubowicz‘s biopic tells the story of boxing champion Roberto Durán, popularly known as “Cholo” or “Manos de Piedra” (Hands of Stone). Much of Hands of Stone centers on the genuine bond of friendship that emerges between Roberto Durán (Edgar Ramírez) and renowned boxing trainer Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro). Together, they learn valuable lessons about sports, fears, culture clashes and the power of friendship.

Hands of Stone includes astounding performances that bring humanity and verisimilitude to the story. Charismatic Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez and the legendary Robert De Niro look especially inspired in their roles.

Inseparables (2016)

The dramatic comedy Inseparables by Cordovan director Marcos Carnevale is a remake of the runaway French hit Intouchables. This Argentine film tells the story of Felipe (Oscar Martínez), a wealthy and educated businessman living with quadriplegia, and his unorthodox caretaker, Tito (Rodrigo de la Serna). 

Tito is not nearly qualified for the caretaking job, but Felipe likes his carefree attitude and resolves to give him a chance. Despite the contrast in personality, age, and culture, the aristocrat and the penniless young man end up providing each other with the strength to face life’s ups and downs.

This film, based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, reminds us that true friendship can be the most powerful medicine. 

The Book of Life (2014)

Under the tutelage of Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro, fellow Mexican Jorge R. Gutierrez makes an exciting and memorable feature film debut with The Book of Life.

Inspired by the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, The Book of Life tells the story of three endearing friends, the musical Manolo (Diego Luna), the heroic Joaquín (Channing Tatum), and the audacious María (Zoe Saldaña).

When María returns to the village after studying in Mexico, the childhood friends become embroiled in a love triangle. Although Joaquín and Manolo are rivals for María’s affection, they never stop being friends, nor do they stop being caring for each other. 

Argentine composer and music producer Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla plays a very important role in this production, contributing original songs and reimagining iconic ones. The Book of Life is above all a love letter to Mexico, to people in love, and to good friends. That is why we urge you to see it on International Friendship Day.

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