What Four Latina Critics Have to Say About “Cursed”

At latinamedia.co, we don’t care what white guys think. Not about movies, TV, or politics. It’s not that they never have good ideas, it’s just that we’re so tired of hearing their perspective, particularly on things that are not meant for them. So when a show is made for us – for Latinas, for women, for Latinx folks – we want to know what our community has to say about it, not the white guys who usually sound off. And we think you do too. That’s why we’ve launched this new series, “What Latina Critics Have to Say.” ¡Disfruta!


We love that Afrolatina Zetna Fuentes directed the pilot of Netflix’s Cursed. It’s about time we dismantle the King Arthur legend and reimagine it as woman-centric folklore while we’re at it. But should we watch? Latina critics don’t agree (on anything) so we’ve collected a sample of the reviews below to help you decide.

TV Review: Netflix’s Cursed Is A Dark Addition To Your YA Addiction

Diandra Rivera of Diandra Reviews It All likes Cursed… mostly. She writes, “There wasn’t the usual ‘fun’ you expect from YA series, and, though there were instances of magic and lore, the series is, at best, a mythical reflection of colonialism… Frankly, I think what makes a successful YA series is that you dream of and for its characters, and, while Cursed has its struggles, it does make you dream.” Read her full review.

All the Questions We Need Answered in “Cursed” Season Two

Tamara Fuentes over at Seventeen is covering Cursed like it’s her job… And our favorite piece she’s written on it contains some serious spoilers (so be careful if you click through). In it, she writes, “If you still haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford’s brand new show, Cursed, then you’re in for a ride. Katherine plays Nimue, also known in Arthurian legend as The Lady of the Lake. However, unlike the original tale, she has the Sword of Power and trust me when I say that she’s ready to take the throne.” Read her full article.

I Watched Netflix’s “Cursed” So You Don’t Have To

Kristen Maldonado was not impressed, saying on her YouTube channel, “I think on paper Cursed sounds like a brilliant story, allowing us to focus on the lady of the lake who plays a crucial role in the stories around King Arthur… [But] it doesn’t feel like the stakes are as high as they could be because everything seems to work out pretty easily for these characters.” Watch her full review.

REVIEW: “Cursed” Changes Up Arthurian Legend for the Better

For But Why Tho?, Kate Sánchez likes Cursed but has this issue, “While Cursed’s themes are important, it falls into the same trap of many other fantasy narratives that uses a central white figure as the way to see marginalization, and in this one, given the diverse cast, makes it stand out all the more… It’s important for narratives that look to tell stories of marginalization and oppression to take them into consideration, even in fantasy.” Read her full review.


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