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The Fallout: A Generation Fighting For Their Lives

The Fallout captures the emotionally grueling aftermath of a high school shooting, and at the four-year mark of Parkland, we’re reminded how Gen-Z is still fighting for their lives. TW: The following article discusses school shootings and gun violence. Mass shootings happen fast…really fast. In 24 minutes, 10 were murdered in Santa Fe High School. […]

Greta on HBO’s Genera+ion Captures Queer, Latinx Adolescence

HBO’s Genera+ion shows what it means for a young, queer Latina to fumble through romance for the first time. It’s not just a romcom, but a journey that is complex, familial, unsure, and, at times, awkward. HBO’s Genera+ion is a quick, witty high school series that mixes the evocative drama of Skins and the cinematographic […]