Why Brazilian Horror Matters

…big banks and governmental bodies. All of that coupled with technological advancements that make filmmaking less expensive, is helping Brazil slowly make a name for itself in the genre space….

"Brandy Hellville" Is Shocking, But Not Surprising

…sub-brand, is taken from the novel Atlas Shrugged, penned by conservative-libertarian author Ayn Rand. “Brandy Hellville & The Cult of Fast Fashion” tries to explore the environmental impact of their…

The LATAM-US Divide on Who is “Latina”

…if their family has been there for generations. In North America, Latin Americans are still sometimes perceived as “foreigners” and face systemic barriers to healthcare, education, and job opportunities. Further,…

Why We Need "Homeland," A Mental Health Chronicle

…of mental health on individual lives and society as a whole, highlighting the importance of destigmatizing mental illness, fostering empathy and understanding, and promoting resilience-based approaches to mental health care….

"My Dead Friend Zoe" Is a Different Veteran Film

…it can speak to anyone,” said Marin-Green. “It definitely is for veterans. But it’s also for anyone who’s struggling with grief and loss and sacrifice and tragedy and having mental

Why "Designing Miami" is Latinx TV Excellence

…action. Eilyn gives her employees their props, saying that they are instrumental to Sire Design’s success while also driving the point home that, “Latinas have such a strong will to…

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