11 Latina Critics on ‘Encanto’

A Disney animated feature is always a big deal. But when it’s a banner number like the 60th release and the first in-theater feature since the start of the pandemic, it’s an even bigger deal. Of course, Encanto is particularly important for Latinxs – one of the rare ones to feature us. A magical realist […]

60 Million Latinas on ‘In The Heights’

The Latinx community has COME OUT for ‘In the Heights’ as it hits theaters. And ‘In the Heights’ appears to be the one thing Latinas agree on – here are a dozen (a literal DOZEN) reviews from Latinas below and they all love it!

Three Indigenous Women on ‘Rutherford Falls’

We admit it, we’ve been falling hard for Rutherford Falls. Created by Navajo and Mexican American Sierra Teller Ornelas, it’s rare to have a show that centers the modern Indigenous experience. It also happens to be funny, witty, and full of great performances. But honestly, who cares what we think? The real experts here are Indigenous women. So in a break from our traditional, What Latinas Have to Say, we’ve rounded up Native journalists covering the show.

7 Latinas on ‘Shadow and Bone’

It’s been weeks since Netflix dropped ‘Shadow and Bone’ and our feeds are still filled with hot takes. It premiered on the top-ten list and seems to have at least some staying power. Is ‘Shadow and Bone’ really that good? Or is it just the algorithm sweet spot of YA, fantasy, adventure, romance? Per usual, Latinas do not agree…

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