#TheLatinaPress: Issue 12

In this issue of #TheLatinaPress, we celebrate Ariana DeBose’s historic Oscar win, look back on Women’s History Month, and recommend Refinery29’s new series, ‘Cuerpo.’

Latinas Winning (Acting) Awards

Latina representation is seriously lacking in Hollywood. That’s why we give so much love, admiration, and appreciation to the actresses who have broken barriers and been recognized for their stellar work. In the acting world, an Oscar or an Emmy is a huge accomplishment – proof that your work is great and that your peers recognize it. That’s why I wanted to highlight the Latina actresses who have received one of these statuettes for their work. Here’s to many more Latinas joining their ranks!

The Oscars Made 118 Nominations, Only 5 Latinx Artists Were Recognized

Yesterday, the Oscar nominations were released and while we celebrate that for the first time in history two women (and one woman of color!) have been nominated in the Best Director category, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of Latinx representation.  This year, only five Latinx folks were nominated in four categories: Best Documentary […]